For The Love of a Son – Synopsis & Review


This is a true story of Maryam whose childhood was never proud of being a women. Living in a country where women are discriminated and oppressed.

“Afghanistan…only the dreams of boys came true”

Raised up in such backwards country where Tribal War overruled the Islamic Law.

Unlike other women Maryam are fortunate as she was raised up by a loving educated parents. Character wise she is a stubborn and rebellious kind of lady who hated the discrimination of women in her beloved country.

She has been watching her women distant family members been treated badly just by being a women. Her grandmother Mayana as well experienced hard times during her marriage life while being the 4th wife of a well-known tribal leader.

Things got awry during the invasion of Russia where Communists and Sosialist ideologies came in, which brings Maryam and family to India and finally reside in America.

Through times, her mother passed away and Maryam left with her father and sister. As Maryam father getting older and suffers chronic disease, he insisted Maryam to get married.

Maryam refused to as she was just 20yrs old and ambitious to further her study and at least get a diploma. But being a good daughter she finally agreed with her father decision.

Maryam married Kaiss a 35yrs old Afghan man who lived in America. The worst is yet to come that Kaiss turned out to be a cruel man who hit and rape his own wife from the very 1st night of their marriage. He was totally not as what her father expected he was. A hipocrites, hot-tempered and jealousy man who use violent to his wife and make her as a sex slave.

Maryam determined to get a divorce and fight for her rights although she already had a 2yrs old son by the named of Duran.

Until one day become nightmare to Maryam when Duran has been kipnapped by Kaiss and was flewn to Kabul.

From that moment her life was a messed. She even tried to kill herself for her lost son until he met Khalid.

*Its a heart-wrenching story, and it will moved you into tears. (Kindly dont wear mascara while reading)

Rate : 3.5/5

~Emily Adnan~


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