Nothing Remains


Early this morning my Darwish show me this CD of my wedding …he said that auntie show them last night when I was still busy closing down some sales outside . Honestly I never taught I still kept that CD..n both my kids never saw my wedding picture before with their father and they were super excited this morning telling the whole content of the CD and I listens with smile. It was a simple marriage but with a lil bit of ceremonial as the father was a Navy Officer. A fine soft spoken young gentleman who loves his family and kids whole-heartedly until now. Marriage and separation complements each other …if there’s a marriage there’ll be separation be it while still lived or deceased.

I will start my story about THE SYSTEM. Where are we now, what we r doing are a components or subsets of a SYSTEM. Each SYSTEM there’s a CREATOR. Being in the SYSTEM each of us play our own role or functions…if we doesn’t follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) of the CREATOR , the system will never work accordingly human being (the caliph that makes the systems that we lived in to functions accordingly) the moment u disobey or malfunction urself purposely , the CREATOR will be upset and time to time the CREATOR will take some of ur benefits or nikmat and the moment it has been taken nothing much we can do accept repent and obey all the SOPs that has been given to you since 1400 years earlier …marriage and divorce is the implications of a subsystems created by GOD THE CREATOR OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM that we lived in.

In my case I have been going through the implications of marriage and divorce and took it as a punishments by GOD by being far from HIM…once it has been taken away make me realized how I failed to be near to YOU before and Alhamdulillah there’s hikmah in it…we, both the parents of Darwish and Ziyad realized that we need to improvised ourself and follow the SOPs given accordingly …I used to tell the kids that u both are special kids …you will not only having a father and mother ..someday you will be having 2 moms and 2 dads and that makes u both be more lucky that other kids …and Alhamdulillah they have 2 moms who love them wholeheartedly and their father has never failed to functions accordingly as a father to them until now.

For me, the whole thing that I’m going through for 34yrs living (Alhamdulillah) has made me a stronger person to undergo challenges and difficulties. But always remember nothing remains.


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