Cabaran 30 Hari | Hari 12 : 5 Wishlist Saya

Me and Mom (Cameron Highland)

Me and Mom (Cameron Highland)

Wishlist #1

My mom suffers Parkinson since 10 years back after my father passed away on July 2004.  Currently she undergo medication n treatment n me n siblings take turn to look after our beloved Mom. I may not understand how is Parkinson disease affect to our body but I know my mom suffers psychologically, emotionally and physically. Have you ever experienced when u ur mind wants to reach something but ur body can’t move or maybe a delayed motion.

It’s like you look into the eyes of someone that you love but ur mouth can’t say “I Love You” due to disability of ur nerves and brain signal. That is what she suffers.

I wish and pray to Allahswt that my mom will recover and normal again and I really hope I can bring her for Hajj when she recover although she had perform Hajj before coz I know she really wants to do it again and submit to Allahswt while in good health.

Wishlist #2

New Zealand at night

New Zealand at night

How I wish I could backpack and travel to New Zealand and appreaciates nature and beauty creation of God. Would love to camping and watch the stars at night. Apart of that I would love to travel to Iceland and watch Aurora with my own eyes..isn’t that beautiful ?

Aurora Phenomenon

Aurora Phenomenon

Wishlist #3

My passion in running

My passion in running

I wish I could have the courage to at least do my 1st Marathon Distance (42km) which since my 1st involvement in running events (end 2012) I have perform a total of 27 events consists of 3 Half Marathons (21km) distance, 5 trail runs (off-roads) and 16 variety distances.

Wishlist #4

I dreamt of my own ladies gym which all ladies shall have the opportunity to freely workouts and do activities in a convenient condition. Would love to have it a crossfit studio style with lots of facilities such prayer room, pantry or cafe perhaps and even a proper studio for dance and aerobics.

My Dream Gym

My Dream Gym

Wishlist #5

I would love to make my current online boutique into physical boutique in future. I love fashion which by having a physical boutique will be my next mission towards my vision on BE YOUR OWN BOSS. To do what you love and passion most is the ultimate glory of a person.

Mya's Closet

Mya’s Closet

Inspire Dress by Mya's Closet

Inspire Dress by Mya’s Closet


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